Embryo Storage at XTS

Tissue storage is our primary focus and hence we take great care to protect your embryos at XTS.

Semen Storage
New reduced pricing now effective.

Medical treatments might render you permanently or temporarily sterile. Consider storing your sperm.

XTS Directed Donor Program

Our Directed Donor service allows you to choose someone you know to donate sperm for insemination.

One Family’s Story: A Message of Hope

Raul Manrique, after being diagnosed with cancer, chose to store his sperm before undergoing chemotherapy and now enjoys a healthy life with his wife and baby girl Vera.

Welcome to Xytex Tissue Storage

Xytex Tissue StorageEveryday living brings up different obstacles and issues at times. Issues such as cancer, vasectomies, work environment, certain medications. These issues may have you thinking about the topic of fertility. Any of these situations may affect your fertility. XTS is here to help provide you with peace of mind for your future fertility needs.

Who will you trust with your sperm or embryos? Since we recognize how important they are to you, we developed this site to provide the information you need to make a responsible, well-informed decision. After all, this decision affects not only you, but generations to come.

Sperm and embryo storage requires maintaining a delicate balance of advanced technology and human compassion. Xytex Tissue Services (XTS) combines a personal touch with 30 years of experience in reproductive tissue storage through its parent company, Xytex International Ltd..

Cord Blood Banking

When you’re ready for your future to begin, XTS is also pleased to offer cord blood banking through Xytex Cord Blood Bank.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of cord blood banking and special savings for our XTS families.

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